Seeking those who seek to share life

Principal author:
John L. Clark

Oh you, who hunger for nurturing a life of justice by living in intentional community, I want to share life with you. I hold title to a suburban home and plot in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area, where I am working to foster a space for some of us to live together and support each other. As of this writing, we have plenty of open space in this house for you to live with us, and we also have plenty of need for your help and support as we work to heal and strengthen the broader community.

My vision of justice acknowledges and yearns for the end of the dominant trends of fear, exploitation, and violence, and instead seeks to emphasize the critical importance of interdependence and relationships—all relationships, both among humans and between humans and the Earth and her other inhabitants—with the hope of spreading a resilient and beautiful culture that embraces life and love. Those of us who live in the house now, including myself, attempt to follow the teachings of Jesus for guidance on this path, including particularly his call to live in radical yet joyful poverty and his emphasis on the deep importance of forgiveness (of debt and sin). As well, we turn to him and his example for inspiration and courage.

If you need support for trying to live differently, and if you think this sort of situation would make sense for you (or even if you are simply interested in discussing all this further), please be welcome to contact me, John L. Clark, by email at . There are, of course, many reasons why living with us directly might not make sense for you—the most obvious of which being our immediate physical limitations. I still want to share life with you, though, in the broadest sense of community. Please let me know if there is some way that I can support you and help you build a community of support for us all. Please do consider sharing what you have with others and—in love—forgiving them of their sins and debts so that we can put ourselves on a new path.

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