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If you believe that we, as a culture, are not living sustainably, then we must critically examine why we are not living this way, and we must work actively to fix this problem. Beyond Cleveland is one group working to increase understanding of the problem of sustainability as well as to plan action to solve it.

We are meeting formally for the first time on July 10, 2010.

Beyond Cleveland is the Cleveland branch of the Beyond Civilization group. This group is focused on discussing sustainability as the problem of civilization and working as actively as possible towards solutions. Both that branch and the larger group are new developments, and so they will depend on your response for energy and future formation. This document provides details for our upcoming formal meetings.

Please get in touch with us by email—at —if you have any questions or comments about the plans for these meetings or about sustainability issues in general. That email address does go to the entire Beyond mailing list; you can simply send email to that address without subscribing to the mailing list, if you wish. We intend for the mailing list to be one primary forum for discussing sustainability—and our individual struggles with it—with one another when we either can't be present in person or want to keep a record of our discussion. If you find the discussions there to be generally useful, I hope you will think about joining the list to follow and contribute to that conversation.

1 Immediate problems of an unsustainable culture

Why should we care about developing a sustainable culture and living sustainably? What are the immediate problems caused when we don't live sustainably? What does sustainability really mean?



Mac's Backs bookstore at 1820 Coventry Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Mac's Backs has generously allowed us to use the meeting space in the basement of their store for our first session. Please join us there for the discussion.

Date and time

July 10, 2010 from 1300–1600 (1 PM to 4 PM)

Plan of attack

2 The global and historical force of a culture of growth

Plans for this session will depend on the response to the first session. Stay tuned!

3 Responding to the needs of sustainability locally and personally

Plans for this session will depend on the response to the first and second sessions. Stay tuned!

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