Taking the Keystone XL message to Shaker Square

Principal author:
John L. Clark

The next stage of our plan to halt the development of the destructive Keystone XL pipeline is to raise the issue everywhere, including in Cleveland. We want the Obama administration to feel pressure about this continually, and from every direction. I submitted the following letter to the Plain Dealer yesterday; in it I ask you to join me at our Shaker Square rally next week in order to help to deliver this message.

Why do we need to continually suck more fossil fuel from the Earth only to then belch ever more greenhouse gas into its atmosphere? In reality, we need the exact opposite. Our fossil fuel dependency continually hurts others while it simultaneously lures us towards very short term wealth. Once that wealth runs out, we will find out that we have also hurt ourselves, ending up with a grossly overextended economy and a deeply damaged ecology.

Here in Cleveland, we have a chance to push back on this enormous crush of destruction. The Oil Extraction Industry wants to increase the flow of output from the hugely dirty and dangerous Alberta Tar Sands projects through the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. The upcoming decision to reject the permit for this pipeline is squarely in the hands of the Obama administration. On Saturday, October 15th, at noon, Tar Sands Action Cleveland will petition this administration to reject this pipeline by holding a rally and delivering a letter at the Organizing For America office on Shaker Square. See <> for details. Please join us as we work for justice.

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