XHTML to XForms in XSLT 1

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John L. Clark


A new utility written in XSLT 2 blipped across my radar, and I just had to see if I could pull it in using my XSLT 1 tractor beam. No sweat; this time I didn't even have to use EXSLT.

As Sylvain Hellegouarch mentioned recently, Roman Huditsch has written a script in XSLT 2 to aid converting XHTML forms into XHTML-embedded XForms. I'm very green when it comes to XForms, but I am on something of a crusade to determine where the breaking point lies between XSLT 2 and XSLT 1 + EXSLT. That, and I like porting XSLT 2 tools to XSLT 1 so us XSLT 1-only folk can use them. So I've ported version 0.91 of Roman's script to XSLT 1, and I didn't even need any EXSLT. In the process, I think I've fixed a few bugs (although they may only have been bugs in an XSLT 1 context). I may also have broken things in non-obvious ways; any feedback on the fidelity of the port would be appreciated. Finally, I discovered a fun little bug in 4Suite's XPath implementation; the moral of that story is that (at least in XSLT 1) when you need to compare a value against a node-set and the node-set may be empty, explicitly check if the node-set is empty first.

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