“personal” articles

Real time philosophy on the meaning of love and the utility of expressing it


After the meetings of this past weekend, my perception of at least two friends has deepened and become richer. Much of our connection was around experiences of love and expressions of affection, and what these mean for us. They also tie in to our vision for living in intentional community. I think I can see my practice of empathy (with the support of NVC) paying dividends, and oh, does that ever make me happy.

Some ecovillage brainstorming


Early into this year, several friends and I met to brainstorm about goals and concerns surrounding an ecovillage project that we are actively imagining. I took pictures of our notes, and I transcribe them here for reference, sharing, and further reflection.

Patronize me


Would you like me to write about, discuss, or help with something in particular? I would like to have you as a patron supporting my various efforts.

Number 59


I describe the experience of being arrested while participating in the recent Tar Sands Action.

An invitation to choral participation, and more


I had an opportunity yesterday to invite my fellow parishoners to participate in church choir, and I tried to make the call as radical as I could.

A visit to the Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage


I spent two weeks in October visiting the Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage. In this article, I give an overview of how that experience affected me, and what I learned from the members of that community.

Bike lock failure and restitution


Here is the story of how my bike lock failed, but how Kryptonite, its manufacturer, shouldered the financial consequences.

Facets of community this weekend


I had a lot of fun this weekend, mostly revolving around several discrete events. I desire to both share some of my sense of the weekend as well as comment on how community presents itself at such events.

A weekend of engagement, wet but undampened


A number of activities kept me busy this rainy weekend as I worked in a few venues to try to share ideas with and among others.

Civilization is in trouble


I provide an overview of my thoughts on the problem facing society, why I find it compelling, and how I want to respond to it.