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Taking the Keystone XL message to Shaker Square


The next stage of our plan to halt the development of the destructive Keystone XL pipeline is to raise the issue everywhere, including in Cleveland. We want the Obama administration to feel pressure about this continually, and from every direction. I submitted the following letter to the Plain Dealer yesterday; in it I ask you to join me at our Shaker Square rally next week in order to help to deliver this message.

Number 59


I describe the experience of being arrested while participating in the recent Tar Sands Action.

A letter about the Keystone XL protest


Bill McKibben hosted a video chat this past Wednesday for those attending the upcoming Tar Sands Action, and in it he encouraged people to write letters to the editor to raise awareness about the protest. I composed the following letter and submitted a version of it to the Plain Dealer today. It was a little bit long, so I had to whittle it down to size, but I still prefer this slightly longer version.

Meeting about the MCCo permit to burn coal and gas in University Circle


The Cleveland Department of Public Health recently held a public hearing to provide information and allow comments about the renewal of The Medical Center Company's permit to pollute from a facility that consumes coal and natural gas, located in University Circle. This article discusses the results of that hearing.