“XML” articles

Some thoughts on XML v.NEXT


In which I comment on the changes that have been suggested for a major revision to XML.

Common Entities Converted to ML-Macros


This article highlights a set of common XML character entities that I have converted to use the ml-macro syntax.

Dropping in <!DOCTYPE>-Dropping Alternatives


A fundamental question moves one researcher to explore the future of XML with the future of XSLT, which in turn moves another researcher to explore alternate XSLT futures.

Tracing the Course of Recent XBEL Development


This document attempts to summarize activity surrounding the XBEL bookmark format since 2001.

xml:base vs. RFC 3986 Grudge Match


The spirit of the xml:base Recommendation and that of RFC 3986 are at odds with one another. The solution? A very simple new member of the URI family of specifications.