“URIs” articles

Resolving URIs in 4Suite


This article describes how to customize the way that 4Suite finds objects associated with URIs (a process known as resolving URIs).

WebCap: Web-based Capability List File Format and Model


This document defines WebCap, a simple language for explicitly grouping sets of URIs having a specific relationship to one another for a particular purpose.

xml:base vs. RFC 3986 Grudge Match


The spirit of the xml:base Recommendation and that of RFC 3986 are at odds with one another. The solution? A very simple new member of the URI family of specifications.

A-prefixed URIs: Overview


People want to be able to take web identifiers, or Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs), and copy them into their web browsers to obtain information related to such identifiers. Designating similar but not identical URIs to those used to locate documents may help in solving some web architecture problems. This report summarizes these problems and discusses this solution proposal.