Exploring Validation in an End-to-end XML Architecture

Chimezie Ogbuji

John L. Clark

Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Our niche


  • There will be pointy brackets
  • All namespace prefixes map to the URIs "that you would expect"
  • I use the term "XForm" to indicate a XForms instance document

The flow

The flow (diagram)

Workflow channel

Why validate?

Where to validate?

Early workflow validation

Where to validate? (ETL gate)

ETL validation

Validation and XForms

View source - XForms

From the example:

Observations of XForms validation

Intro to basic Schematron

XForms + Schematron?

What we do - the setup

The setup: Diagram

The Setup

What we do - the process

The rest: Schematron critique

The rest: XForms critique

  • Variables - do you remember trying to read that constraint expression?