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Module Ft.Xml.Xslt.StylesheetHandler

Stylesheet tree generator
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class StylesheetHandler
Handles SAX events coming from the stylesheet parser, in order to build the stylesheet tree.


__init__(self, altBaseUris=None)
addExtensionElementMapping(self, elementMapping)
Add a mapping of extension element names to classes to the existing mapping of extension elements.
This should only be used for standalone uses of this class.  The
only known standalone use for this class is for creating compiled
stylesheets.  The benefits of compiled stylesheets are now so minor
that this use case may also disappear and then so will this function.
You have been warned.
characters(self, data)
Callback interface for SAX.
Callback interface for SAX.
endElementNS(self, expandedName, qualifiedName)
Callback interface for SAX.
setDocumentLocator(self, locator)
Callback interface for SAX.
Callback interface for SAX.
startElementNS(self, expandedName, qualifiedName, attribs)
Callback interface for SAX.
startPrefixMapping(self, prefix, uri)
Callback interface for SAX.