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Module Ft.Xml.MessageSource

Localizable message strings
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READER = {2: 'syntax error', 3: 'no element found', 4: 'not well-formed (invalid token)', 5: 'unclosed token', 6: 'partial character', 7: 'mismatched tag', 8: 'duplicate attribute', 9: 'junk after document element', 10: 'illegal parameter entity reference', 11: 'undefined entity', ...}
XINCLUDE = {10: 'Missing or empty href attribute', 11: 'Invalid value %r for parse attribute', 12: 'xpointer attribute forbidden for parse="text"', 13: 'Fragment identifier not allowed in URI %r; use the xpointer attribute', 14: 'Unsupported XPointer %r', 15: 'xi:include has an xi:include child', 16: 'xi:fallback is not the child of an xi:include', 17: 'xi:include with multiple xi:fallback children'}