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Module Ft.Server.Server.SCore.RdfDocumentImp

RdfDocument repository resource class
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class RdfDocumentImp(Ft.Server.Server.SCore.XmlDocumentImp.XmlDocumentImp)
An RDF Document is a document that represents a set of RDF triples. Nothing is actually stored in the Repo as far as an XML file goes.


complete(self, subject=None, predicate=None, object=None)
Perform a complete within this scope
deserializeAndAdd(self, src)
Deserialize a source document and add the resulting statements to a scope
deserializeAndRemove(self, src)
Deserialize a source document and remove the resulting statements from the scope
getContent(self, nssMap=None)
Overrides: getContent from class XmlDocumentImp
newContent(self, src)
setContent(self, src)
Overrides: setContent from class XmlDocumentImp

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resourceType = 12