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Module Ft.Server.Server.Commands

Implementation of '4ss_manager' command (functions defined here are used by the Ft.Lib.CommandLine framework)
Copyright 2004 Fourthought, Inc. (USA).
Detailed license and copyright information: http://4suite.org/COPYRIGHT
Project home, documentation, distributions: http://4suite.org/


Create a low level system backup of the entire repository
Functions used by various commands
4Suite repository init command (4ss_manager init)
Manager commands to work with the log files
This command will associate a username and password hash in a password file on the local filesystem. Subsequent invocations of 4ss_manager command-line scripts can then automatically look up access info for connecting to a repository. The location of the password file is determined by the FTSS_PASSWORD_FILE environment variable. If not set, then the location is assumed to be a file named '4ssd_pass' in the directory determined by the environment variable HOME (on Unix) or APPDATA (on Windows 2000/XP), or the environment variable WINDIR (on Windows 9x/ME/NT). If the password file does not exist, it will be created when the entry is stored. The location must be writable by the user invoking the command. At this time, this command does NOT verify that the username, password hash, hostname and port combination is valid; no repository connection is made.
The recompile command will walk the entire repository and recompile all stylesheets. It is useful when changes to the underling code base require that stylesheets be reinited in the system.
Restart the 4Suite server (controller).
The start command can be used to start any or all protocol servers. To start all of the servers, execute the start command with no paramters. To bring up individual servers, list them on the command line.
This command lists the status of each server in a 4Suite repository (running or stopped) as well as the state of the repository itself (data store existence and initialization status).
The stop command is used to stop any or all of the 4SS servers. To stop all the servers, execute the stop command with out any arguments. To stop an individual server, specify their names as command line arguments. You will be prompted for authentication before you can stop the servers.


class ManagerCommandLineApp(Ft.Lib.CommandLine.CommandLineApp.CommandLineApp)


run(self, *args, **kwds)
Overrides: run from class CommandLineApp

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__init__, gen_command_tree, gen_usage, get_help_doc_info, main, parse_command_line, run_commands, validate_options

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break_parent_relationship, build_parent_relationship, flatten_command_tree, validate_arguments


commands = [<Ft.Lib.CommandLine.Command.Command instance>, <Ft.Lib.CommandLine.Command.Command instance>, <Ft.Lib.CommandLine.Command.Command instance>, <Ft.Lib.CommandLine.Command.Command instance>, <Ft.Lib.CommandLine.Command.Command instance>, <Ft.Lib.CommandLine.Command.Command instance>, <Ft.Lib.CommandLine.Command.Command instance>, <Ft.Lib.CommandLine.Command.Command instance>, <Ft.Lib.CommandLine.Command.Command instance>]
description = 'This command-line application allows a 4Suite re...up, server control, backup, and other operations.'
module = <module 'Ft.Server.Server.Commands.Login' from '...nux-i686-2.3/Ft/Server/Server/Commands/Login.py'>
name = '4ss_manager'
options = [[--username=<USER>], [--password=<PASSWORD>], [--core-id=<CORE>], [--config-file=<FILEPATH>]]
project_name = '4Suite-Server'
project_url = 'http://4suite.org/'
project_version = '1.0b1'
summary = '4Suite repository management tools'

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arguments, example, global_options


g_commands = [<module 'Ft.Server.Server.Commands.Init' from 'b...inux-i686-2.3/Ft/Server/Server/Commands/Init.py'>, <module 'Ft.Server.Server.Commands.Backup' from ...ux-i686-2.3/Ft/Server/Server/Commands/Backup.py'>, <module 'Ft.Server.Server.Commands.Recompile' fr...i686-2.3/Ft/Server/Server/Commands/Recompile.py'>, <module 'Ft.Server.Server.Commands.Start' from '...nux-i686-2.3/Ft/Server/Server/Commands/Start.py'>, <module 'Ft.Server.Server.Commands.Stop' from 'b...inux-i686-2.3/Ft/Server/Server/Commands/Stop.py'>, <module 'Ft.Server.Server.Commands.Restart' from...x-i686-2.3/Ft/Server/Server/Commands/Restart.py'>, <module 'Ft.Server.Server.Commands.Status' from ...ux-i686-2.3/Ft/Server/Server/Commands/Status.py'>, <module 'Ft.Server.Server.Commands.Log' from 'bu...6-2.3/Ft/Server/Server/Commands/Log/__init__.py'>, <module 'Ft.Server.Server.Commands.Login' from '...nux-i686-2.3/Ft/Server/Server/Commands/Login.py'>]
module = 'Login'