4Suite API Documentation

Module Ft.Server.Server.Commands.Login

This command will associate a username and password hash in a password file on the local filesystem. Subsequent invocations of 4ss_manager command-line scripts can then automatically look up access info for connecting to a repository. The location of the password file is determined by the FTSS_PASSWORD_FILE environment variable. If not set, then the location is assumed to be a file named '4ssd_pass' in the directory determined by the environment variable HOME (on Unix) or APPDATA (on Windows 2000/XP), or the environment variable WINDIR (on Windows 9x/ME/NT). If the password file does not exist, it will be created when the entry is stored. The location must be writable by the user invoking the command. At this time, this command does NOT verify that the username, password hash, hostname and port combination is valid; no repository connection is made.


Run(options, args)