4Suite API Documentation

Module Ft.Rdf.MessageSource

Localizable exception messages for all of 4RDF
Copyright 2004 Fourthought, Inc. (USA).
Detailed license and copyright information: http://4suite.org/COPYRIGHT
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PARSE_ERROR_MESSAGES = {1: 'RDF 1.0 XML serialization feature not yet supported: %s', 10: 'Invalid predicate in RDF base URI: %s', 20: 'Only member Attrs or members allowed on a container object', 30: 'Invalid container type: %s', 40: 'The value of property %s must be a single object or a string literal.', 50: '%s, a non-empty property element must not have property attributes.', 51: '%s, a non-empty property element must not have a resource attribute.'}
RDFS_ERROR_MESSAGES = {1: 'Property "%s" has multiple ranges.', 2: '"%s" is an invalid subject for "%s" according to domain constraints.', 3: '"%s" is an invalid object for "%s" according to range constraints.'}
RDF_ERROR_MESSAGES = {1: 'RDF 1.0 core feature not yet supported: %s', 2: 'Invalid flag: "%s"', 3: 'Invalid Container Type: %s', 4: 'Invalid Regular Expression %s: %s', 5: 'Invalid argument: "%s"', 6: '"%s" cannot be in an RDF container; only resources or literals (strings) are permitted', 100: 'The object of a statement using aboutEach must be a container', 200: 'Missing driver'}