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Module Ft.Rdf.Drivers.Util

Configuration library for managing 4Suite RDF Drivers. Only those known to work are registered, the others can be added easily. The neccessary configuration parameters for each driver are listed below :
MySQL Configuration:
driver: mysql
dbHandle: rdf:userName/password@hostName:port:dbName
model: <modelName>

Postgres Configuration:
driver: postgres
dbHandle: rdf:userName/password@hostName:port:dbName
model: <modelName>

Dbm Configuration:
driver: dbm
dbHandle: <dbName>
model: <modelName>

Memory Configuration:
driver: memory
dbHandle: <dbName>
model: <modelName>

Bsd Db Configuration:
driver: bsddb
model: <modelName>

modelName - The name of the RDF Model
dbName    - The name of the database

The parameters are passed to the Configuration Manager's constructor in the following format:

for example:


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class FtRDFConfigurationManager(object)
The Configuration Manager takes a configuration string which provides the neccessary parameters for connecting to a particular driver. The create argument is a boolean which specifies whether or not to create a new database (destroying any existing database in the process).


__init__(self, configuration, create=False)
Overrides: __init__ from class object
Creates an instance of the driver specified by the configuration string and returns it. Note: The returned driver isn't live and it's begin() function needs to be invokeds

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__dict__ = <attribute '__dict__' of 'FtRDFConfigurationManager' objects>
__weakref__ = <attribute '__weakref__' of 'FtRDFConfigurationManager' objects>

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configureBsdDb(modelName, dbHandle, create)
Utility function for creating a BsdDb driver instance
configureDbm(modelName, dbName, create)
Utility function for creating a Dbm driver instance
configureMemory(modelName, dbName, create)
Utility function for creating a Memory driver instance
configureMySQL(modelName, connectString, create)
Utility function for creating a MySQL driver instance
configurePostgres(modelName, connectString, create)
Utility function for creating a Postgres driver instance


DRIVER_CONFIGURATION_HANDLERS = {'bsddb': <function configureBsdDb>, 'dbm': <function configureDbm>, 'memory': <function configureMemory>, 'mysql': <function configureMySQL>, 'postgres': <function configurePostgres>}