4Suite API Documentation

Module Ft.Lib.TestSuite.TestMode

Provides the TestMode base class for testing modes.
Copyright 2002 Fourthought, Inc. (USA).
Detailed license and copyright information: http://4suite.org/COPYRIGHT
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class DefaultMode(TestMode)


Overrides: __init__ from class TestMode
finish(self, tester)
Overrides: finish from class TestMode
initialize(self, tester)
Overrides: initialize from class TestMode
start(self, tester)
Overrides: start from class TestMode
class TestMode


__init__(self, name, default)
finish(self, tester)
Called when all tests have run to completion (or exception).
initialize(self, tester)
Called the first time this mode is used. A return value of false signals that this mode is not to be used.
start(self, tester)
Called before beginning any tests.