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Module Ft.Lib.DistExt.Version



class CommonVersion(distutils.version.Version)
Version numbering that handles most version numbering schemes. Implements the standard interface for version number classes as described by distutils.version.Version.
A version consists of an alternating series of release numbers followed
by an optional series of pre-release or post-release tags. A release
number is a series of dot-separated numeric components. Release tags are
a series of letters optionally followed by a release number. The
pre-release tag name is alphabetically before "final". The post-release
tag name is alphabetically greater than or equal to "final".

For example, "1.0b2.dev-r41475" could denote Subversion revision 41475 of
the in-development version of the second beta of release 1.0. Notice that
"dev" is a pre-release tag, so this version is a lower version number
than 1.0b2, which would be the actual second beta of release 1.0. But
the "-r41475" is a post-release tag, so this version is newer than


__cmp__(self, other)
parse(self, vstring)

Methods inherited from class distutils.version.Version

__init__, __repr__


tag_aliases = {'pr': 'c', 'pre': 'c', 'preview': 'c', 'rc': 'c'}
tag_re = <_sre.SRE_Pattern object>
version_re = <_sre.SRE_Pattern object>
class VersionPredicate
Parse and test package version predicates.


__init__(self, versionPredicateStr)
Parse a version predicate string.
satisfied_by(self, version)
True if version is compatible with all the predicates in self. The parameter version must be acceptable to the StrictVersion constructor. It may be either a string or StrictVersion.


Parse a single version comparison.
Return (comparison string, StrictVersion)
Return the name and optional version number of a provision.
The version number, if given, will be returned as a `StrictVersion`
instance, otherwise it will be `None`.