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Module Ft.Lib.DistExt.PackageManager



class PackageManager(Ft.Lib.DistExt.Dist.Dist)


__init__(self, attrs)
Overrides: __init__ from class Dist
check_package_options(self, options)
Ensure that the package attributes are valid and the required fields are provided.
Raise DistutilsSetupError if the stucture is invalid anywhere.
Overrides: finalize_options from class Dist
get_package_distribution(self, package)
Return the distribution object for 'package'. Normally this object is cached on a previous call to 'get_package_distribution()'; if no distribution object is in the cache, then it is created.
get_package_options(self, package)
Get the option dictionary for a given package. If that packages's option dictionary hasn't been created yet, then create it and return the new dictionary; otherwise, return the existing option dictionary.
handle_display_options(self, option_order)
Overrides handle_display_options() to update 'package_defaults' and handle the '--help-packages' option.
Overrides: handle_display_options from class Dist
Overrides parse_command_line() to validate the '--package' option and to add the command-line options to the default package options.
Overrides: parse_command_line from class Dist
parse_config_files(self, filenames=None)
Overrides parse_config_files() to update 'package_defaults' with any global values from the config files and to parse the package files to populate the 'package_options' dictionary.
Overrides: parse_config_files from class Dist
parse_package_file(self, filename)
Returns a dictionary of the options defined in the package definition 'filename'.
Print out a help message listing all available packages with a description of each. The descriptions come from the package definition's 'description' field.
Overrides run_commands() to handle multiple source packages in a single setup script.
Overrides: run_commands from class Dist

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dump_option_dicts, find_config_files, get_command_obj, get_option_dict, has_c_libraries, has_data_files, has_ext_modules, has_headers, has_modules, has_pure_modules, has_scripts, is_pure, print_command_list, reinitialize_command, run_command


display_option_names = ['help_packages', 'help_commands', 'name', 'version', 'fullname', 'author', 'author_email', 'maintainer', 'maintainer_email', 'contact', 'contact_email', 'url', 'license', 'licence', 'description', 'long_description', 'platforms', 'classifiers', 'keywords']
display_options = [('help-packages', None, 'list all available packages'), ('help-commands', None, 'list all available commands'), ('name', None, 'print package name'), ('version', 'V', 'print package version'), ('fullname', None, 'print <package name>-<version>'), ('author', None, "print the author's name"), ('author-email', None, "print the author's email address"), ('maintainer', None, "print the maintainer's name"), ('maintainer-email', None, "print the maintainer's email address"), ('contact', None, "print the maintainer's name if known, else the author's"), ('contact-email', None, "print the maintainer's email address if known, else the author's"), ('url', None, 'print the URL for this package'), ('license', None, 'print the license of the package'), ('licence', None, 'alias for --license'), ('description', None, 'print the package description'), ('long-description', None, 'print the long package description'), ('platforms', None, 'print the list of platforms'), ('classifiers', None, 'print the list of classifiers'), ('keywords', None, 'print the list of keywords')]
toplevel_options = [('source-package', 's', 'run as if from a source dist (developer testing)'), ('package=', 'p', 'limit command(s) to a given package')]

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global_options, negative_opt


DEBUG = None
PKGINFO_FORMAT = {'bgen_files': <type 'list'>, 'classifiers': <type 'list'>, 'config_module': <type 'str'>, 'data_files': <type 'list'>, 'description': <type 'str'>, 'devel_files': <type 'list'>, 'doc_files': <type 'list'>, 'download_url': <type 'str'>, 'ext_modules': <type 'list'>, 'headers': <type 'list'>, ...}
generators = _Feature((2, 2, 0, 'alpha', 1), (2, 3, 0, 'final', 0), 4096)