4Suite Document Index

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1 Preamble

2 General

3 XPath/XSLT Extensions

4 Command-line Applications

1 Preamble

Copyright 2001-2006 Fourthought, Inc., USA. Please read the 4Suite software copyright for terms of license.

For release notes and news, see the 4Suite home page.

For complete installation instructions, see the following documents listed in the General section below: Installing 4Suite on UNIX/Windows, and 4Suite CVS access.

If you have questions not answered by the documents, first stop is the FAQ. Next try the Akara pages on Python/XML and 4Suite. Then check the mailing archives of the 4Suite list or post there. Or drop by on IRC (#4suite on irc.freenode.net).

People interested in participating in or closely following the development process of 4Suite can join the mailing list for core 4Suite developers, which is open (as are its archives).

These links and others are also provided on Uche Ogbuji's 4Suite page.