Commandline Application - 4xpath

command-line tool for performing XPath queries on XML documents

4XPath command-line application


[--help] [--version] [--define=<NAME=VALUE>]
[--namespace=<PREFIX=NAMESPACE>] [--stacktrace-on-error]
[--string] source-uri expression


Name Description
-h, --help show detailed help message
-V, --version display version information and exit
-D, --define=<NAME=VALUE> Bind a top-level parameter
-N, --namespace=<PREFIX=NAMESPACE> Define a namespace/prefix binding
-e, --stacktrace-on-error Display a stack trace when an error occurs
--string Print the string-value of the results


Name Description
source-uri The URI of the XML document to parse, or "-" to indicate standard input. The document's root node will be used as the context node.
expression The XPath expression to evaluate