Commandline Application - 4xml

command-line tool for working with XML documents

4XML command-line application


[--help] [--version] [--validate] [--encoding=<ENC>]
[--input-encoding=<ENC>] [--outfile=<FILE>] [--pretty]
[--noserialize] [--html] [--noxinclude] [--rng=<FILE>]


Name Description
-h, --help show detailed help message
-V, --version display version information and exit
-v, --validate DTD validate the input file as it is being parsed
-e, --encoding=<ENC> The encoding to use for output
--input-encoding=<ENC> The encoding to assume for input
-o, --outfile=<FILE> Direct output to FILE (file will be overwritten if it exists)
-p, --pretty Pretty-print the result
-n, --noserialize Do not serialize; just parse
--html Use HTML mode when pretty-printing (emit XHTML as HTML)
--noxinclude Do not expand XIncludes
--rng=<FILE> Apply RELAX NG from the given file (technically RNG with XVIF features)


Name Description
source-uri The URI of the XML document to parse, or "-" to indicate standard input.