Commandline Application - 4versa

command-line tool for performing Versa queries

4Versa command-line query application Note: this is a general-purpose Versa tool. If you wish to query a 4Suite repository, you may find '4ss rdf versa' more convenient.


[--help] [--version] [--driver=<DRIVER>] [--dbname=<DBNAME>]
[--modelname=<MODELNAME>] [--scope=<SCOPE>]
[--rdf-file=<URI>] [--input-format=<FORMAT>] [--qfile=<URI>]


Name Description
-h, --help show detailed help message
-V, --version display version information and exit
--driver=<DRIVER> Use the given 4RDF backend driver
--dbname=<DBNAME> Query the RDF model database with the given name
--modelname=<MODELNAME> the name of the model in the database
--scope=<SCOPE> a scope to restrict the query
-r, --rdf-file=<URI> URI of an RDF file to use as the model
--input-format=<FORMAT> The format of the input file, can be "rdfxml", "n3", or (the default) or "ntriples"
-q, --qfile=<URI> File to read query from. It must have a line that reads QUERY=<query>. where <query> is the query to execute. It can also have multiple lines of NS=<prefix> <URI> where <prefix> is a namespace prefix and <URI> is a URI to map it to


Name Description
query The query to perform. Required if --file is not specified