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    never said I believed in god, I can tell you are to angry to even read properly. A lot of people like you think god and science are complete opposites, that is completely untrue. I don't know what I believe yet however I do know I don't believe in the big bang because there is no good evidence for the big bang. I advice you to type in on google "why the big bang wont work" that's a good pretty basic article you can find on the internet and should be easy to understand even with your mind

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    There could have been more than one Big Bang. We DO NOT have proof that spacetime began at our Big Bang, nor do we have any proof that it didn't. As far as we have evidence, time began at the Big Bang, but when our theories of quantum gravity improve, we could at least make predictions before the time we can now. The Big Chill theory suggests spacetime "froze" into how it is now, and Roger Penrose suggested there may be gravity waves before the Big Bang.