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    if this is real this pretty much confirms my theory that this guy has an inflated ego. einstein was smart but he knew that the mystery's of the universe were to great for him or anyone to comprehend. this guy made up some bull shit theory about "a man who dug a hole and that dirt from the hole is the universe"<---he didnt literally say that but that was his example of it. and with that he thinks he figured out the greatest secret of life...he hasnt and he wont, hes just a man.

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    Should have ended with Aryas first premeditated kill.

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    Dead "Jesus" talking to someone and giving him mystical, magical visions isn't even known to be possible. Ergo you can't legitimately say that the latter is more likely than the former. Something not known to be possible cannot be said to be 'more likely' than anything even known falsities.

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