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    Hey, don't be hating on Christians. All creationists deserve to be hated equally, if at all. The whole point of atheism is NOT doing something, so being an adamant atheist is like sleeping aggressively. That said, I completely agree with most atheists and am disappointed in people who still believe a story and metaphors written thousands of years ago to help comprehend things that were unthinkable then. You don't need the magic anymore.

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    No, we don't. Any powerful being that would punish you with fire or reward you with bliss for believing ridiculous, specious stories is a being that's immoral.

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    The antonym of pride is humility. And yes, your self-immolating religion doesn't allow it's "sheep" to feel pride. That's why you're supposed to attribute every good that you do to 'god' and blame every bad thing on yourself. This is why Filipino Catholics flog themselves until they're bloody, and crucify themselves on crosses. What do you think "lowliness" and "insignificance" means?

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