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  2. Soriana : September 22, 2015, 00:40

    The bible is BASED off other story books, ex: Krishna, Horus, Mythra. It was all about politics and controlling peoples beliefs and values. Which hey, guess what? IT STILL IS! You lose.

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    You need to go fuck yourself.

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    Listen..if you ever read about St Louis de'd know he used to literally punch the lights out of his detractors who'd mock him..Christians under duress can only be so nice before they must become assertive..St Louis de Montfort was justified in his actions and always did penance afterwards

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    tell me one case where god has helped you personally or spoke to you or even did something to harm you because of your negative actions? Prove it. Prove to me right fucking now that hes real. I will believe you if you give me proof. I will be christian cialis no prescription needed

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    Actually, if you knew how unique the universe truly is (for example the life cycle of the billions of newly born neutrons flying around every second in the nuclear reactors I study) then you'd come to the realization that the idea of an all-knowing creator is absurd. Sure, it's comforting to believe that something so powerful has a vested interest in everything so universally insignificant, but once you get down to the atomic level, it's exponentially impossible for anyone to control everything.