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    Despite God made Stephen Hawking too!!! We all need to believe Christ and live his word...his father will judge us all, not me or you!!! Be the good samaritan not the evil one... Stephen is smart but he didn't create us!!! And just because you're smart doesn't mean you have all the answers to unanswered In the lord, he was the only one among us who knew the was not for us to know now, that's why he spoke to us with parables.. He who knows, knows not... log rolling season just around the online pharmacy corner I’ve been lagging behind in the log rolling department for NBA Jerseys; . In the for Dior Handbag; mean time check out this commercial online pharmacy done by fellow Men’s World Champion Roller Darren Hudson for NBA Jerseys; . (Darren is the cialis without rx thinner of the two i dont know why i like game of thrones. srsly, just deads. .)

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    In my opinion I think it will be impossible to ever find out how it all started. Who created us? "God" But who created God? Who created the creator of God? Haha it's just basically infinite loop. I myself am not an atheist or hate religion. If you are going to support religion such as being Christian. Do what you are told to do. Don't just say you are Christian if you don't practice it. Such as going to church every week, praying, following the bible'a rules etc.

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    [[Sounds like a lot of people need Jesus.]]

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    When will you people realize all religion is because of politics?

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