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  2. Muzafar : February 26, 2016, 09:54

    Wow your so COOL, you can read! only a complete ass thinks it cool to post spoilers.

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    I believe we where something someone but who knows for sure...I hate to sound like a weirdo but like those professors and Dr.'s talk about a superior race "aliens" whatever but yeah I believe that shot and yea we would call the, god because they made us and so they make us believe a story that poof magically two people appeared on earth and made us all....there was probably two scientist on another "earth" who sent DNA or people here to our earth and that's how we began.

  4. viagra without rx : February 26, 2016, 09:54

    he's just saying how the universe was created, not why

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    An educated guess is a hypothesis, not a theory. A theory is a detailed explanation. There are proved theories and unproved theories.

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    why the anger hstred and rage? what happened?

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    Never seen so many people die in any series even those about ww2 had less death, i like it.

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