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  2. Ville : February 23, 2016, 21:49

    just shut up. Nobody could, would, or ever will give a fuck about your fucking invisible man in the sky.

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    You crack me up. You DO realize don't you that there are over 34,000 Christian denominations and sects on planet earth?

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    I think i found my new grandma....

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    Fuck how am I going to wait till spring of next year

  12. Zack : February 23, 2016, 21:49

    science books keep getting written over and over. not saying there is a god. just saying don't trust science. it's people that are bad. always has been always will be. people write the bible, people write science books. both are proven wrong, all day. Einstein proven newton wrong. they were both smarter than me. CERN is probably right. something can move faster than light. therefore albert was wrong. don't believe in nonsense. believe in goodness. otherwise we get caligula