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    The Big Bang theory DOES NOT DESCRIBE THE ORIGINS OF THE UNIVERSE! All it says is that the Universe (or the observable Universe) was concentrated into a dense state. This does not mean it necessarily began then! It could have existed before, but we don't know what happened, and there is not yet any direct evidence, so we assume that was the beginning. Hawking also considers the concept of an eternal inflation Universe.

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    There could have been more than one Big Bang. We DO NOT have proof that spacetime began at our Big Bang, nor do we have any proof that it didn't. As far as we have evidence, time began at the Big Bang, but when our theories of quantum gravity improve, we could at least make predictions before the time we can now. The Big Chill theory suggests spacetime "froze" into how it is now, and Roger Penrose suggested there may be gravity waves before the Big Bang.